Don’t wait until you reach your goal

to be proud of yourself.


Be proud of every step you take towards

Reaching your goal.






Not knowing where to start or whether you have what it takes are two of the most common reasons holding people back from giving anything a go.   

Getting Started


As your coach I will assess your physique, discuss and provide you with a food plan and training program, designed around your body and your goal and give you an idea on what class you would be most suited to compete in.   

Working together, a plan is developed specific for you - this plan includes:

  • Start date and competition date

  • Food plan designed for your body and your goals

  • Training program designed for your body and your goals

  • When and where to go for bikini, shoes, tanning, hair, make up etc

  • When to start to learn the posing and how often you need to practice

  • Final weeks preparation

  • Post competition debrief

I will guide you, giving you the opportunity to make and take responsibility for your decisions and your goals, providing you with information and ideas that help you make informed decisions.  An excellent coach will also support you both pre and post competition and help you navigate the obstacles and challenges and make bodybuilding a lifestyle not just a competition.  This is what I do.

Oh .. and .. your first competition experience should be sitting in the audience, watching a competition - this will give you some idea of what the end result is.

Your journey starts now!


In August 2012 I approached Kaye for help with nutrition and guidance with my training. I was so relived after talking with Kaye, as she has been in the industry for a number of years, I found that her advice and knowledge was amazing, sound and inspiring. I was motivated and excited in what I needed to do and what could be done. I was hooked. I do two training sessions with Kaye a week and I am always being pushed to the maximum. Kaye keeps my workouts interesting and challenging by changing them on a regular basis and tweaks my diet so it works for me. By being sensible with everything that Kaye has taught me I now have an understanding on how and why things work I am achieving my short term goals and am setting new ones all the time. I love what I am doing and am encouraged by Kaye’s help and support. I know I have so much more to learn and am looking forward to the journey with Kaye’s guidance.


Anita Jump (McHardy)


I have the passion and the expertise to help you achieve your goal of competing.


I first competed in bodybuilding in 1988 and hold various Regional, National and International titles.   I have represented New Zealand in both bodybuilding and figure competitions at 2 World Champs.  I have seen many changes within the sport of bodybuilding and can help you sift through the vast amount of information (and mis-information) to get you on stage in the condition required by the sport.


If you have ever wondered "could I.." message me to make an appointment and find out whether you have what it takes to compete.

Bodybuilding Federations in New Zealand


Nowadays there are many choices when it comes to competitive bodybuilding.  In New Zealand there are 5 Federations (see list below) that offer an opportunity to compete in numerous classes together at many regional shows throughout the year, which allow you to qualify for their Nationals and ultimately if the desire is there to be represent that Federation overseas at an international event.

Bodybuilding Federations in New Zealand



International Natural Bodybuilding Association



 National Amatuer Bodybuilders Association



 National Amatuer Bodybuilding Association/World Fitness Federation



New Zealand International Federation of Bodybuilders