Teach rather than Influence

Learn rather than Follow

Kaye O'Neill
Life Coach
& Personal Trainer

"It is more important to like yourself for what you have;

rather than try and fit into some unrealistic and ideal image" 

​This has been the driving force behind me wanting to help women in particular find balance between food, training, life and body image. Learning to live life now, believing in yourself and trusting the process.

What Health & Fitness means will vary from person to person, based on many factors including your goals, your age, your past experiences, personal needs and environment.


About Me:

In 1998, I started my personal training business with a mantra of :

“Set Your Mind, Develop Your Body and Enhance Your Life”.   


I had during the 90’s become a relatively successful bodybuilder who hid behind the success of competing a “disorderly eating issue” – this, I knew, needed to change.  So, set about to:

  • Set My Mind – when the desire to achieve your goals are supported by a strong enough reason why – you will find a way to bring them to life.  What is your WHY?

  • Develop My Body – commitment depends on conviction.  Conviction is something you create from what you already have.  With the right support and advice you can sustain the goals you have reached and maintain a balance healthy lifestyle that will last not just for a 12 week challenge but a lifetime.

  • Enhance My life – by doing the first two things – setting the mind and developing the body the enhancement of life is created.  A lifestyle that will take me through my 40’s, 50’s and into my 60’s and “old age”.


My mantra still stands for me today and I was able to change my attitude towards dieting, competitions and disorderly eating through my life coaching and personal training.  Each person I have helped achieve their goals has in return helped me become better at providing that help. 

Age is more than a number.  Age is who we are, what we have become, our experiences, our body, our mind & our soul.

I believe with commitment and determination you can achieve whatever you set your mind to.

Everyone starts somewhere - Start NOW 

We are defined by what we do!.png

"“It is more important to know where you are going than to get there quickly. Do not mistake activity for achievement" Isocrates

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Busy Lifestyle


I met Kaye 15kgs overweight, post 3 children with the realisation that this wasn't ideal - 12 weeks later it was off and it was just the start of what has now become habit.  

I have worked with many professionals in high performance sport and Kaye is up there with the best of them.  Primarily because she takes a holistic approach in her consultations, she is genuine.   Her training was customised to my requirements, in that I am tall and had to take into account leverage issues with different types of exercises.  She understood my training temperament and adapted intensity and strength to suit. 

Kaye understands life in the "Fast Lane" when you have many commitments to fulfil,  therefore providing me with strategies to help push harder in sessions and manage intake etc through approaches like "mindfulness" and also accountability.   She reminded me repeatedly that "these are your goals not mine". 

Thanks for giving me the tools, predicting the peaks and troughs and continuously supporting my goals through robust information and kindness.



Deb Fuller

Head Coach Northern Mystics Netball team