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Personalised Coaching

Personalised Coaching is a combination of life coaching and personal training.  Providing a holistic approach to training, diet and life!

Welcome to Kaye O'Neill Life Coaching & Personal Training


Looking for a personal trainer, bodybuilder, and life coach all rolled into one?   Look no further than me, Kaye O'Neill Life Coaching & Personal Training.     With customized sessions that cater to your specific needs, I will help you achieve the results you’re after and set you up for long-term success.

Set Your Mind - Develop Your Body - Enhance Your Life

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    YOU       YOU

The Gym Story


Have you ever joined a gym and been given a weights program by one of the gym instructors and then given a quick demonstration on how to use the equipment and what the exercises are?


They make it look so easy so, you think - yeah - I've got this and you leave the gym feeling motivated and enthusiastic.


Next time you go into the gym (still feeling motivated but a little intimidated) you look at your program, you look at the gym floor and recognise .... nothing ... so head for the safety of the cardio equipment.


Pretty normal story for many people. 

Getting the Most Out of You


To achieve success in anything you do, whether it is your fitness goals or your personal life, following these simple guidelines may help you in 'getting the most out of you".


  • Believe its possible - this is the foundation to achieving success.


  • Take Ownership - these are your goals, so they are your responsibility.  


  • Take an active role in your life and trust the process. 


  • Enjoy the process and celebrate the progress. 


  • Everyone is different - set your own pace and have realistic goals.


  • Most importantly value yourself and what you do

What is Life Coaching

and how can it help you?


If you want your life to be different, now is the time to recognise that adjustments are needed in order for change to happen. 


  • Using Life Coaching I can help you develop a healthy approach to food (dieting) and exercise.

  • Life Coaching is flexible and client driven - it allows for personal growth on an individual basis. 

  • Life Coaching is not past-orientated – it is forward focused, allowing the clients to trust their decisions, believe in themselves and take ownership of their results. 


  • Life Coaching is an adaptable, evolving process and works with the view that you are fundamentally whole, healthy and strong enough to deal with the challenges of coaching

How we do what we do when we do it:

HOW - Time and Consistency:

Give yourself enough time and be consistent to get the results you want. Create regular routines as getting fit, toning up, putting on muscle size and dropping body fat are all difficult and time consuming goals that requires consistency. So it stands to reasons that to maintain any results you achieve, consistency is STILL the key. If you are currently over weight or struggling to put on muscle size - chances are you have been consistently NOT sticking to plan. (See - consistency really does work )

WHAT - Don’t be afraid to “lift heavy”.

You will not get stronger if you lift the same 5kg weights day after day, rep after rep. (“Nothing changes if nothing changes”). And trust me when I say that muscles don’t grow easily or quickly (photo shows the difference between 1989 and 1998).

Time efficient – A 20 minute workout or a 40 min workout? Both will work if you know what you are doing. It’s about working with what you’ve got for as long as you’ve got it.

Expect to be sore. Muscle soreness after training is expected if you have challenged yourself. Some people call this “DOMS”, I just call it “a bloody good training session”.

WHEN - Use it or lose it is the inconvenient truth.

So make the effort to stay strong, flexible, agile and fit. Strength training at any age builds confidence, helps with mobility, aids in weight loss, increases and maintains muscle size and strength.

When “developing my body” I find regular strength training is the best. Strong bodies are linked to strong minds, helping you develop a better awareness of your body, your strengths and limitations and always working towards the ultimate goal of balance!.

I can help you achieve strength training for now and into the future – whether you are young or not so young – technique and form is the most important advice you can get.




I have the passion and the expertise to help you achieve your goal of competing.


I first competed in bodybuilding in 1989 and hold various Regional, National and International titles.   I have represented New Zealand in both bodybuilding and figure competitions at 2 World Champs.  I have seen many changes within the sport of bodybuilding and can help you sift through the vast amount of information (and mis-information) to get you on stage in the condition required by the sport.


If you have ever wondered "could I.." message me to make an appointment and find out whether you have what it takes to compete.


CALL ME : 027 292 3072

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