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Freedom and happiness comes from accepting and embracing what you have to work with


then working with "you" to achieve your desired outcome. 

Set Your Mind​


I believe if you change or adjust your thought patterns, your food will follow.   When you realise that dieting is not the lifestyle you want to live any more, I can help make that happen.


Successful weight management is not 'another diet or 12 week challenge (or another figure competition); its creating good habits and a healthy lifestyle. 


The ideal body will be the one you have, all you need to do is look at yourself and then ask; "if this is what I have to work with - what can I do with it?"


If you want your life to be different, now is the time to recognise that adjustments are needed.

Break the Cycle


Over 95% of people who lose weight on a diet will put it back on.  Being on a diet and continually dieting can trigger a binge episode regardless of remedies to prevent it.  


How do  you break the cycle of binge eating and yo-yo dieting that always seem to result in inevitable rebound weight gain?  


Once a binge and or rebound weight gain occurs your initial response is to start another diet or diet even harder for a few days.  This only encourages more binging and greater rebound weight gains.  Fighting this inevitable cycle will only make it worse and becomes more destructive (mentally and physically). 


The hardest part is accepting this will happen and allow your body to find a balance (trusting in the process).  If not, your body weight could continue to increase after each dieting cycle until you stop 'dieting'.


And if you always do what you have always done – why do you think you will be more successful this time?   Another 12 week challenge or another competition is not the answer.  


Unless you change your behaviour towards dieting and exercise the results will almost always be the same.    

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On-Going Individual Coaching Packages


One off Consultations






Why is it when you decide to do something like lose weight, sometimes it all falls into place and you are successful and other times it is so difficult to get started, stick with it and succeed?


You know what to do, You know how to do it, You talk about doing it, but you still seem to blow it by not sticking to it and so you start with the self-evaluation – “why can’t I stick to it”?


It is always easy to find a reason not to do something, and then wonder ‘why’ you can’t do what you know you should do.


Stop asking the question – why?   “Why” leads to wondering, wondering leads to doing nothing but procrastinating about why you can’t stick to anything. 


Contact me to discover the keys to successful stick-ability long term.


CALL ME : 027 292 3072

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