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Sheryl's Story


After a serious bike accident, I didn’t recover as fast as I thought I would.  It made me think that I had to get in better condition just in case anything else happened to me.  I had 1 month off work so I took to YOUTUBE to see what my options were.

What I found out surprised me.  Lifting weights was a better way to lose weight.  I asked around & everyone said that Kaye O’Neill was the best personal trainer.  I tracked her down and booked my 1st appointment.

Because I was still recovering from a fractured skull, broken collarbone, rib & finger Kaye started me off with an eating plan & got me walking each day.  After a month & 6.8kgs lighter, I started at the gym with her.  I was in the gym 3 days a week, 2 were personal training sessions with Kaye.  I also did HIIT cardio on my bike at home 2 days a week

I found the eating plan a lot easier than any other I had done in the past.  I wasn’t hungry because of the consistency of meals throughout the day.

I was nervous about going to the gym because I thought it would be mostly men and I would get laughed at because I didn’t know how to use the equipment and I would look silly.  It was not like that at all.  Everyone from the staff to other gym members were so helpful.  If I needed any help they were more than willing to give me advice and help me out.  There are also a lot more women at the gym than I thought there would be.

When I started to increase my weights, I felt so empowered.  Everyday tasks are so much easier because I’m stronger now

Kaye is a fantastic personal trainer.  She doesn’t yell at you, she quietly talks you through the exercise, concentrating on technique & without realizing it she has put more weight on the machine.  She has a lot more faith in what I can do than I do.  I would not be lifting the weights I am now if it wasn’t for her.

6mths after starting training I’m 23kgs lighter.  What I noticed the most is that lifting weights has changed the shape of my body.  My hips have got a lot narrower & my arms have toned up.  I know if I had just tried to lose weight with diet alone I would not look the same.  I have to tighten things up now that I’m getting older, not just lose the fat.


Sheryl Beck



Thank you Kaye for helping me to see the good side of the sport of bodybuilding.  I am now dreaming big, working hard to better my body day by day because of the guidance and support you gave me!  Bodybuilding has changed my life, my goals and dreams ... Kaye, your started this, watch this space.

Jess Coates (BSpExSc)

(Personal Trainer) 2011

(2014 IFBB Pro Figure)

Kaye has a very thorough no nonsense approach and is truly dedicated to her clients and passionate about bodybuilding.    She is a massive support and inspiration and has a great wealth of knowledge and experience that is priceless.

I would highly recommend Kaye to anyone serious about competing or looking for guidance in any area of fitness and nutrition.   I look forward to continuing to work with Kaye in the future and excited to find out what my body is capable of becoming.


Stacey Handley

sheryl gain.jpg

Lyn's Transformation Journey



Being 182cm (5’11”) tall was always an issue as far as my self esteem was concerned.  Also, being  45 years old was a concern when I went to my first appointment with Kaye in September 2009.  Nevertheless, I sheepishly turned up for my first meeting with Kaye after a friend at my local gym had told me about figure competitions.  I had always been interested in muscle building and toning, but wanted to remain feminine, so decided that figure class might just ‘do it’ for me.


I was a part-time gym attendee prior to that meeting I would work the gym around my lifestyle, rather than work my lifestyle around the gym.  How life changes!  I look at my ‘before’ photos now and think – yuk!  Shoulders hunched and no confidence in how I presented myself.  I wasn’t overweight -  just not happy in my own skin.


After my initial meeting with Kaye, I came out thinking right, time to change.  I have always valued Kaye’s experience and knowledge and known I was fortunate to have her as my trainer.  She is always approachable, and has made herself available whenever the need arises. 


I can’t believe it now when I look back at the before photos – now I can confidently stand on stage in a bikini with women half my age, with my shoulders back, and shine.  Who cares that I am tall and in my 50's!  Kaye has worked wonders with my body – turning back the clock to a body that I am proud of.   


It has been an interesting journey along the way.  Needless to say, it has been hard work, but worth every minute.  Now, my life revolves keeping healthy and I am happy in my own skin.


Kaye has been a large part in my transformation journey, and I thank her for being so honest, sincere and dedicated.  She loves her job and loves obtaining the best results for her clients.   Her training programmes, meal plans, posing lessons, and overall advice provide a comprehensive solution for anybody interested in competing in either bodybuilding, figure or athletic classes.  Or, for anyone who is interested in just becoming the best that they can be and become more confident within themselves.  The investment of time and money is worth it!


Lyn Wright

Regional & National Figure Champion

Kaye has been a fundermental  part of achieving my personal bodybuilding goals.  She has spent hours coaching me, working on training and nutrition plans and trying her best to make me look graceful at posing!  what I love is Kaye will give it to me straight and tell me to "pull thumb".


Cindylee Jackson

One of the best things about Kaye is that she really does put the “Personal” in “Personal Trainer”.   There is no “one size fits all” mentality here.  Since I have been training with Kaye she has taken the time to get to know me, my personality around training and nutrition, my lifestyle, and generally what makes me tick in order to formulate what works for me as an individual.  Everyone is different, and everyone’s body is different and I really appreciate that Kaye takes the time and effort to personalise my training and nutrition plans in accordance with what suits me.   It is always a two-way conversation where my input is encouraged.  Her knowledge and attention to detail are invaluable.

Kaye, thank you for your support, guidance and friendship during the past few years. I could not have achieved these results without you. I am still a work in progress so I look forward to continuing my journey with you.



Wendy Sole

Senior Physique Regional & National Champion

In 2007 I competed and won the National U80kg Novice Division.  Having Kaye as my mentor was my advantage.   She is one of the best in the industry.


Brent Dorr
Personal Trainer

Goodlife Health Club Queensland

CALL ME : 027 292 3072

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