General Fitness/weight Loss/Muscle Tone

Your fitness is 100% MENTAL

Your BODY will not go where your MIND doesn't push it!

Exercise enhances and maintains physical fitness and general health and wellness.    There are numerous forms of exercise and all done for various reasons.  Whatever your reason, now is a good time to start.


If weight loss, muscle tone or muscle gains, motivation and/or general health and fitness is your desired result, I can provide you with personalised food plans and training programs.  


  • Weight loss is a combination of the right diet advice, the right mental attitude, and an exercise plan that works for you.


  • Muscle tone is predominantly achieved through weight resistant exercises and a nutritionally balanced diet.


  • Muscle gains are a combination of correct training and food plans to achieve results based on your body.


Monitoring your progress by regular sessions can help to keep you motivated and on track with the focus being on making sure you are enjoying what you are doing.


Results are more likely to be long lasting if you enjoy training, eating well and learn to understand your body.


Busy Lifestyle


I met Kaye 15kgs overweight, post 3 children with the realisation that this wasn't ideal - 12 weeks later it was off and it was just the start of what has now become habit.  

I have worked with many professionals in high performance sport and Kaye is up there with the best of them.  Primarily because she takes a holistic approach in her consultations, she is genuine.   Her training was customised to my requirements, in that I am tall and had to take into account leverage issues with different types of exercises.  She understood my training temperament and adapted intensity and strength to suit. 

Kaye understands life in the "Fast Lane" when you have many commitments to fulfil,  therefore providing me with strategies to help push harder in sessions and manage intake etc through approaches like "mindfulness" and also accountability.   She reminded me repeatedly that "these are your goals not mine". 

Thanks for giving me the tools, predicting the peaks and troughs and continuously supporting my goals through robust information and kindness.



Deb Fuller

Head Coach Northern Mystics Netball team

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