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All or Nothing

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All or Nothing


The words we use are important.   How we talk to ourselves.  When discussing diets with clients many struggle with this concept – “All or nothing”.  Its like “I am all in or I am all out”, really ? Do you really believe this or does this ideal fit your narrative.

It is an excuse so you have a reason why you fail at weight loss.  It is safer for you to say “I am an all or nothing kind a of person” because it means you have justified to yourself why you fail. 


But life isn’t all or nothing, it’s not black and white – which is what “all or nothing” is.  Life is a bit grey or a kaleidoscope of colour depending on how you look at it. Can you change how you see your life – YES (again the words we use are important).







Although the mighty oak is big, strong, unyielding, rigid.  It is inflexible and much more vulnerable to being broken and blown down as a result of strong winds. 


Although the Palm tree is smaller and flexible it bends with the force of the wind and allows the storm to blow over!

 Stuck, rigid, closed, vulnerable

Open, flexible, tolerant, adaptable  

What the &x^%$ is Kaye going on about – well – the analogy is “a mind that is fixed and rigid,  set in its way, closed off and probably just a little stubborn, IS less healthy than a mind that is open, tolerant, flexible and open to change. 


An open and flexible mind allows growth, learning and progress.   The ideas, change, challenges are the wind – your mind is either open or closed, flexible or inflexible, able to change or resistant to change.


Choice is yours - Learn to notice when you are being rigid with your thoughts, become more open to accepting, flexible in your learning allowing those winds of thoughts, words, feelings to blow on through and let them pass.

Social media has provided a platform to control our life like never before.   Its easy to search why we are like we are, but once we have search it, found out what we are like, change if needed – why stay in a place that isn't helpful but a hinderance to your success.

If you have labelled yourself and your habits with words like “all or nothing”, “perfectionist”, “extremist”, “lazy”, “when the time is right”, “busy”, “confused”, “out of control”are all things we tell ourselves so we can justify why we do things (or we don't ...).

Can you change this concept

Firstly, is it a true statement?  Are you truly an all or nothing person?  Do you want to change?  Honesty with ourselves, admit we are just lazy not all or nothing, and when it comes to "I just cant have 1" statements, my honest reply to that is -  yes you can.  Stop telling yourself lies.   You can have 1 – you choose to eat more ..

 Are you the Mighty Oak or the Palm Tree.  ?

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