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My clients have heard me say this- "trust the process" and it will happen. Whether it is bodybuilding competitions, weight loss, muscle size or changing mind set – trusting the process is a huge part of success.

But what does it really mean: - To trust the process we have to go back a step or two. Firstly you need to establish and understand your goals (SMART - Specific, measurement, achievable, results focused and time-bound); and secondly you need to 'keep on task' (do your actions and behaviors reflect your SMART goal?). If you have identified these first two steps then it only follows that if you 'trust the process' the results will happen. However the only way to get to the goal is staying on task.

Trust is about believing in yourself. Trust/believe in your goal; trust/believe in your actions; trust/believe in the process. As in the words of Mahatma Gandhi

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