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About Me | Kaye O'Neill Life Coach and Personal Trainer

Welcome to 2021 - I am back !

I started my fitness journey back in the ‘80’s – a naïve 24 year old. Now, some 35 years later and in my 59th Year, I have seen many trends for diets and training within the fitness industry, however the one trend I believe is the key is not about dieting or training but about your mindset! Being in my 59th year my mindset is more relevant than ever as, with age comes Menopause and with menopause changes happen in the body that has us saying at any given time of the day or night “WTF” !.


(Meaning. a situation in which different actions or options result in no eventual gain or loss; much of a muchness.)

Is this your experience with weight loss diets, getting fit and staying in shape (and even more difficult now that you had hit an age that hits back?

I am here to help you move from a swings and roundabouts mentality to weight loss and dieting to a more sustainable long term dieting practice. It’s a lifestyle thing!

Follow me as I discuss how to:

Set your mind – Develop your Body – Enhance your life - at any age!


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